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Hydraulic Self Closing Door Hinge


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Self closing hinges are an innovative door hardware, and allow doors to close more smoothly without the need for traditional door closers. Compact design that combines an integrated hinge, a door closer, a door stopper, a positioner and a shock absorber in one body.

Self close or auto hinge is a door hinge with integrated door closer. Eliminates ugly looking arms that are not compatible with later systems such as screen doors. The simple and beautiful design matches different door styles.

Ideal for all kinds of swing door applications including heavy duty commercial and industrial door.

  • Apply for door open ≤ 180°
  • Fully adjustable closing force and speed according to environment needs
  • Adjustment  screw driver  to set up precise tension
  • Include both mechanical and hydraulic mechanism supporting quiet close needs
  • Aesthetically pleasing compared to door closers -- without obtrusive arm
  • Hold-open feature to keep door stay open at 90°

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