How to care for your marble furniture and your brass hardware. it will require  proper care & maintenance to help preserve its look.


Marble plinth

Our marble is finished by hand and sealed for longevity

Although our marble furniture is sealed before shipping, the material is still porous by nature and can be stained, scratched or chipped.

If you spill something on your marble, the first step is to clean it up as best and as quickly as you can. When that’s out of the way, you can zero in on the stain further with the a combination of soap and water and rinse with a clean, damp cloth.

Do not place hot items directly on the marble.

To prevent ring marks, place coasters or trivets under glasses and dishes; use mats or runners beneath hard objects that might scratch the surface.

Dust frequently with a clean, soft cloth. Wash periodically with a cloth dampened with warm water and if necessary, a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid or stone soap. Use a second damp cloth to thoroughly remove the soap. No polishing necessary, marble should stay looking spic and span for a long time.

Do not use chemical cleansers, sprays, abrasive cleaners, furniture polish or products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids.
Gold And Black Knurled Door Handle


How to Clean Brass Handles

Brass doors and handles can be scraped or dented, giving them a dingy appearance. They are only suitable for interiors because they corrode in harsh weather.

To protect their surface, Brass must be polished. With time, the color of brass doors fades. When you touch these doors and handles, they feel warm in the summer and frigid in the winter.

The simplest way to clean Brass is with soap and water. Fill a jar halfway with warm water and a few drops of dish soap if you want to clean your brass handles quickly.

Then, using a microfiber cloth or a clean toothbrush immersed in the cleaning solution, scrape the surface. Dry the Brass with a clean cloth once it has been cleaned. If the handles are particularly filthy or tarnished, remove them, and soak them in soapy water before washing them.