The Gold Boutique sources the most exquisite and elegant materials from all around the world for our beautiful Marble Plinths. We envisage how the dialogue between colour, material and form can be innovated.

Marble is created by the transformation of other stones through the action of high temperatures and intense pressures. As a result of this process new minerals, textures, and structures give rise to a large number of different beautiful types of marble.

Calacatta Viola Marble

Calacatta Viola

Calacatta Viola (Carrera)

Sourced from one of the oldest quarries in Italy, Calacatta marble is considered as the most luxurious marble type due to its rarity, this marble tells much of Italian history. Renown for its elegant and deep, cabernet veining set against a creamy hued background. 

Rose Cream

Afshar Pink( Egypt) The ‘flowering’ patterning of this marble reveals its uniqueness. This marble was formed by the stratification and sedimentation of sandy rock with an intensely pink/beige tone.

Rose Cream marble
Arabescato Marble

Arabescato Marble

Bianco Arabescato Marble (Carrara) 

An all Italian marble, with a dreamlike quality. The pure crystalline tone and it’s dark grey brecciated veining expresses natural beauty and versatile elegance.

Nero Marquina Marble

Nero Marquina (Spain)

The most nocturnal of marbles, invoking the moon whilst still belonging to the earth. Alluring, fascinating and ultra modern. Lending itself well to both honed and polished finishes. 

The intense black color of its base contrasts with the alternation of radiant fossil white veins. Calcite is the main mineral of this rock, present in 98%.

Nero Marquina Marble
Grey Marble

Pietra Grey

Pietra Grey (Iran)

Is a grey calcite marble. It has a very uniform and compact appearance. It shuffles coals and graphite subtly and alternates thin white streakswith barely noticeable slate-colored linear glazes.