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Dior Collection - Halle Bedside Table Lamp

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The elegant design of the curved metal band running parallel to the lampshade not only secures it in place but primarily allows its silhouette to resemble the bow of a violin.  Embellished with artisanal hand-made crystal, each piece is evocative of typical of handmade craftsmanship,  The result is a contemporary lamp which, thanks to the selection of fine materials used, is notable for its elegance

Featuring Illuminated cylinders formed by handcrafted glass sets within a silhouette, beautifully lit from within, spanning space vertically from naturally faceted crystal glass, creating a blanket of sparkling crystal light. 

- Height - 67cm

- Width - 36cm

- Depth - 20cm

- Use Voltage: 220V

Shown In: Brushed Brass w/  faceted crystal glass

Pre-order items: Please note that items marked on pre-order may require a 8 to 12 week wait time from the time of purchase. Upon purchase, you will receive an email within 48 hours to confirm your order and approximate delivery date.


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