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How to pick knurled handles

Create an impressive entry to any room with our beautifully designed brass door handles.

Working in collaboration with a highly skilled team of artisanal manufacturers globally, The Gold Boutique are responsible for sourcing, selecting and developing a wide range of unique, high-quality architectural door hardware products.

The popular knurled finish for door handles and knobs that we see our customers purchase today is proving to be a continuing trend. Due to their versatility, ergonomics and functionality, knurled handles are destined to last well past the current post-industrial look.

Knurled handles are particularly well suited to the warmer metal tones such as bronze, satin brass, and nickel. These finishes are very on-trend at the moment, with a move away from the traditional polished brass and the cold colours of polished chrome. 

Try satin nickel and satin brass golden knurled handles for a subtle yet bright hardware look, or the satin muted colours and finishes of Black and Antique Brass to give a more luxurious, darker finish to the interior design trends that are very en-vogue currently. 


Choosing the hardware in your home is like choosing the perfect jewellery to go with your favorite outfit!

The benefits of brass door hardware, metals that contain brass have anti-bacterial properties due to the oligodynamic effect. Un-lacquered brass door handles effectively disinfect themselves in as little as 15 minutes.

Brass is a durable metal, resistant to corrosion, making it an excellent choice for both interior doors and exterior door handles.

The beautiful knurled door handle gold colour is a well-proportioned, luxurious door handle that is both subtle and statement in styling.

How to clean knurled brass handles?

When cleaning your brass hardware You should only ever use mild detergents, such as washing up liquid or soapy water and a moistened cloth. Alternatively wipe over with a soft cloth with beeswax. Under no circumstances use any form of metal cleaner or aerosol sprays.

Brass Knurled door handles

What are knurled handles?

Knurled Door Handles have the grip section carefully cut and etched with a pattern of straight, angled or crossed lines pressed or cut into the metal.  This knurled design forms a detailed diamond-cut pattern that is both easy to grip and attractive to look at. 

The Gold Boutique have created a range of beautiful knurled door handles and cabinet pulls as part of their high-quality range of door hardware range.  The Gold Boutique’s Knurled range of handles and knobs have been created with the best precision engineering to ensure that the diamond-cut finish used on their knurled door handles is of the very highest quality.  Exactly symmetrical, and beautifully cut, the ridges criss-cross perfectly to leave a diamond shape ridge with facets that then catch and reflect the light, almost creating their own sheen and lustre. 

The Gold Boutique knurled finish door Hardware utilises more high-quality knurling engineering.  This type of finish is more difficult to achieve but is all part of our commitment to only supplying the finest quality that easily stands out.

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The finest architectural brass door handles. Curated for design appeal and style. Our door hardware range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality.