The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cupboard Handles

The Importance of Style and Functionality in Your Kitchen Cupboard Handles

Of course, the kitchen is the center of the house. The kitchen is now an essential component of a large open-plan home, a place for entertaining, and the chef's haven thanks to new trends!

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we all want to ensure that our kitchen conveys the proper message about us, our home, and our way of life.

The kitchen cabinet handles are one of the most used fixtures in the entire kitchen, if not your entire house, so consider them while planning and constructing your new kitchen! It can be tempting to concentrate on the kitchen's high-ticket components, such as the cabinets, worktop, and appliances, but don't let the design of the handles be the final component.

One of the first things people notice about a kitchen are the cabinet handles, and with careful selection, the handles and knobs can be the finishing touches that tie the entire kitchen design together.

Since these are the final touches that actually make a difference, you should really choose them well in advance as a crucial component of the kitchen design rather than leaving them as the last fittings you choose.

We created this helpful guide to selecting your kitchen cabinet handles because there are so many different kitchen cupboard handle designs to pick from.

Fortunately, the kitchen manufacturer's poor quality and constrained selection are no longer your only options. You may choose some lovely, high-quality, designer cabinet knobs to really complement your kitchen design concept with a little forethought and comparison shopping.


There are several design options for cabinet handles and knobs; here, we present the fundamental design categories;

The Bar Handle 

The simple bar handle on graceful posts is a timeless design option that is still in demand today.

Clean lines create a simple style that works well to complement and balance other kitchen design elements.

The Ultimate Top Guide To Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cupboard Handles

There is a bar handle to match every design in your kitchen, which is sure to improve the overall appearance.

The Cupboard Knob  

Definitely the most straightforward and inventive kitchen cabinet fittings design. They are typically seen on high-end English style kitchens, are typically simple to install, and are traditionally used on classically designed kitchens.

There is currently a shift to much more contemporary kitchen cabinet knobs, enabling a true blending of design ideas.

The Ultimate Top Guide To Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cupboard Handles

The Savannah Linear Knurled Cabinet Knobs from The Gold Boutique Furniture blends the traditional style of a cupboard knob with the very modern trend of a machine knurled finish, giving your kitchen cabinets a wonderfully modern appearance.

The Bow Handle 

A straightforward curving shape that bows out to provide room for your hand to grab. Another exquisite design that has changed through time to offer you a wide range of options for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. 

The Cup Handle 

Classically styled kitchens are ideal for the conventional cup-pull kitchen handle. The elegance of function is the focus of this classic design. They can also have a more dynamic surround, even a card pocket if necessary, and be fixed with face-fix screws or with concealed back fixings.


The finish you want to choose for the kitchen cupboard handles is the second component of your decision after deciding on the design.

You have a vast selection of stunning metallic finishes to choose from that let you give your kitchen a genuinely custom look. You can choose from a wide selection of coordinated finishes for many designs to complement your appliances, taps, worktop, or decor.

The Gold Boutique Furniture’s Marbella range is a good example of the range of finishes available.  This timeless design is available in; Antique Brass, Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Shiny Gold, Matt Gold & Matt Black.

The Ultimate Top Guide To Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cupboard Handles

The choice of the finish, allows you to really set the theme for the kitchen design from traditional to contemporary, industrial to farmhouse style kitchen.   


The many sizes that are offered across the designs is another aspect that might be quite handy.

When selecting a design, consider whether multiple sizes are available. This will enable you to use the same cabinet handle or cabinet knob on doors and drawers of various sizes. This provides the kitchen a well-designed, cohesive appearance.

The Ultimate Top Guide To Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cupboard Handles

The Gold Boutique Furniture Sofia Diamond knurled Door Knob  is a good example of a wide variation in finish and size which allows you to mix and match across the cabinets. 


Here, we'd like to provide you some guidance on the basic material for the handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinets. We are one of the higher-quality producers who only make our handles using solid brass as a base material.

This gives the handle a superior weight and feel and is the best solid metal for the multiple finishes to be machined.

The Gold Boutique Furniture’s Sofia Diamond Knurled Cabinet Pull Handle is a good example of a high-quality solid brass handle and with the matching Cabinet Knob.  These are made from solid brass, allowing for a really high-quality definition of the design. 

The Ultimate Top Guide To Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cupboard Handles

It truly all about giving your magnificent design the finishing touch by picking the appropriate kitchen cabinet handles. You can make sure that the kitchen handles are the features that really stand out and give your kitchen that wow factor with some careful design and consideration.

Please contact our team at if you would like any advice on.  Our industry experts will be pleased to help you choose the right kitchen cupboard handles for you! 

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