Knurled Handles for an Industrial Look

Industrial Style

Raw materials factory inspired spaces that aren’t afraid to be raw and showcase the inner works of the beauty of structural elements and unrefined fixtures and furnishings.

It’s about proudly displaying the building materials that many try to conceal. It is about adding a raw, unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed homes.

We are aware that metal and wood are used in industrial interior design. Many pieces of furniture in the industrial style are made from just these materials when they are combined. Old manufacturing and laboratory aspects are created and inspired by recycled furniture items, bare bricks, and architectural details that have been stripped back.

We're looking at one of the most popular contemporary interior accents: knurled design, which is becoming more and more popular as interior design trends go farther toward the dark and dramatic.

In some of the most stunning interior fit outs and installations this year, knurled handles and knobs were employed to great effect to give interiors and furniture a timeless industrial character. Knurling is a lathe cutting technique used to increase grip and traction on frequently handled parts. Knurled knobs have been a staple of industrial machinery and equipment for well over a century. Despite their unassuming exterior, they offer an intriguingly complex sensation in the hand.

Kitchen cabinets that have knurled cabinetware suggest simple, comfortable function and design, which many of us find appealing in these difficult times. A long-time favorite combination of knurled design in satin brass and matt black finishes is starting to emerge. These two flat, monobloc finishes complement the symmetrical, intricate-yet-symmetrical knurl cut into the piece's face or sides, bringing flat, modest elegance to the geometric pattern.

The warm tones of brass, bronze, and nickel have once again been popular in interior design, with trends veering away from frigid chrome and dazzling polished gold finishes in favor of softer, cozier hues. This change is supported by the knurled trend, and our knurled handles are offered in a variety of brass, black, nickel, and bronze finishes.

Cabinet and door handles with knurling are adaptable and can be dressed up or down. Knurled handles are best coupled with simple woodwork, such as shaker or plain block kitchens, and flat panel doors, or doors with shaker features and little to no ornate beading, despite the fact that they can work well with both dark and light tones in an interior.

Consider the characteristics that give something the appearance of being "industrial" while designing an environment with post-industrial themes. Simple design motifs and often darker tones are important in this context. Employ simple, skeletal parts to emphasize your design while attempting to maintain a unifying concept. For instance, use angle-poise and tripod lamps as well as straightforward wall-mounted light fixtures. The wires tying together several pendant lights in a row will further the industrialist concept, and ceiling-mounted pendant lights can be employed here to great effect to create pools of light.

For those accustomed to trying to create light and airy spaces, the trend toward deeper colors in modern interiors is startling and can be intimidating. It's common for artists to fear that their work won't be dark and somber yet with the appropriate accents and colors, it's hard to make a mistake.

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