Knurled Door Handles: The Ultimate Style Addition to Your Home

Over time, knurled door handles have become more and more popular, and for good reason. For individuals searching for door handles for their homes that are both useful and attractive, these striking handles strike the perfect mix between the two. Knurled door knobs are available in a wide variety from Ironmongery Experts and are suitable for interior doors, cabinet doors, drawers, and wardrobes.

 Knurled handles and knobs add a timeless industrial feel to interiors and furniture, and we're seeing them used to great effect on some of the most impressive interior fit outs and installations this year. 


What are door handles with knurling?

On the surface of knurled door knobs, there are a variety of horizontal, vertical, or crossing lines. This results in a material with a diamond pattern that is not only lovely to look at but also very ergonomic, avoiding hand slipping.  Knurling is a lathe-cutting process that adds traction and grip to a frequently touched part. Knurled knobs have been used on machines and tooling in factories for well over a century, and their no-nonsense appearance is comfortingly familiar, yet they feel interestingly complicated in the hand.


The advantages of knurled handles.

Element of decoration.

Knurled door handles have become a stunning choice for any interior, with a sleek and detailed diamond-cut pattern that catches and reflects light in different ways. Many interior designers and homeowners consider these modern handles to be a must-have.


Texture is important.

Texture is an important aspect of interior design "Texture is essential in interior design and is literally woven into the fabric of a designer's vocabulary and practice. Texture is more than just how decor and soft furnishings feel; it is also about 'visual texture,' or using different materials to add interest and life to a room." With this in mind, knurled handles are the ideal addition to any room or space that calls for a unique touch.


Extra traction.

The knurling texture on knurled handles creates a pattern that prevents hand slippage and provides additional grip, enhancing usability. These handles are ideal for those who want an alternative to smooth door handles, which can be difficult to use.

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