Expert guide to choosing interior door handles and knobs

If correctly chosen, internal door handles and knobs can be the gem that each room need. Here, we examine the numerous types of styles and designs available to you and how to use the appropriate door knobs and handles to complement any home design.

Internal doors are a crucial and useful component of any building, serving as both barriers and entrances to various living areas. Between 11 and 18 interior doors are commonly found in a modern four-bedroom home, although this number can rise even higher, especially in older and more traditional homes.

Without the proper door furniture, no door is complete, thus the handles or door knobs you choose will be a small but crucial feature. They can serve as a room's "jewelry," tying together various design elements and promoting a smooth transition from one area to another in the house.

Despite the fact that they may appear to be a minor object, the style you select must complement the overall design theme. Additionally, the hardware must be durable, adequate for daily use, and fit for its intended purpose.

There are many possibilities available in terms of size, type, and design, so you should choose the one that will best match your home. But where do you even begin?

There are many possibilities available in terms of size, type, and design, so you should choose the one that will best match your home. But where do you even begin?

Choosing the right door furniture

You probably want to maintain a certain level of uniformity across the property, unless you want each room to be customized and intend to utilize a range of distinctive statement handles all through.

Considering your project as a complete at the outset will help you decide where it might be most appropriate to use the same type of door and handle. Plan out any spots where you might want something a little different but yet in the same style as well as any that might require a custom, statement handle.

Lever handles or knobs?

Which door knobs or handles you choose is one of the most important selections you must make. For each, there are more flamboyant and decorative options as well as plain and simple ones.

Door knobs are a common choice for historical houses because they have been around the longest. However, with the advances in material, style, and design, they may also produce a beautiful feature for both modern and contemporary homes.

Door lever handles will naturally offer a better grip, assisting people of various strength and dexterity levels. Similar to door knobs, there are a wide variety of designs and finishes available, with choices that are appropriate for every type of building. However, they will typically look more contemporary than door knobs.

In the end, it will all come down to personal preference, which is typically influenced by aesthetics and who the likely end user will be.

What to consider when choosing door handles and knobs

Different interior design and architectural types will naturally complement particular handles and knobs more than others.

You may choose a sizable, elegant brass backplate and curved brass handle for a period-style residence. In contrast, minimalist, chrome, or black handles, or custom statement handles, may be more appropriate for an urban loft conversion.

Door style and finish

When selecting door handles and knobs, it's crucial to take the style and finish of the door into account.


In heritage or listed buildings, where doors must match existing doors or must adhere to planning regulations, paneled doors are frequently found. Six or four paneled doors are a common choice for classic homes. The panels can be flat or raised.


Both old and modern buildings can benefit from boarded doors' attractive appearance. For instance, the "cottage style" is ideal for cottages and barn conversions, but it is also being used in new construction and contemporary homes.


Doors that have a veneer are those that have a solid wood-appearing exterior covering put to them. Ash, beech, cherry, ebony, maple, oak, and walnut are a few examples of finishes. Depending on their unique coloring and look, different varieties of wood veneer will naturally complement different handle and door knob finishes better.


In addition to being a more affordable option than veneers, painted finishes are excellent for achieving a contemporary aesthetic. The choices range from understated greys and creams to vibrant blues and greens.

Handle shape

Shape is another key element to consider. For example:


Modern and contemporary handles are frequently svelte, straightforward, and minimalist. They frequently have little to no backplate and are finished in chrome or a striking color like bronze or black.

Door furniture for other rooms

How you will organize spaces like the kitchen, which is densely furnished with doors and cabinets, is another thing to think about. Another example would be the bedroom, which might have a variety of furniture pieces such drawer cabinets and wardrobes as well as built-in wardrobes.

If your primary doors have door knobs, you can want to employ a consistent design for all door fittings, or at the at least, select something complementary. As an alternative, you can opt to contrast things by using handles that are bold and distinctive. Using conventional wardrobe doors with the same lever or knob as the rest of the house is becoming more and more common.

Just be careful not to have a full mismatch, as this will affect how effective your design plan is as a whole.


You must also take into account a few crucial practical and functional factors to make sure you select the handles or knobs that are best suited to the intended end user.

For instance:

What size and weight do the doors have? What hinges are needed to support the weight?

How frequently do you anticipate using the doors? Are they simple for every user?

Is the handle/knob usable by everyone on the property? Are they appropriate for both the young and the elderly?

Will everyone be able to open the doors without rapping their knuckles against the door stops?

Get the right look

See: for further details on picking the appropriate handles and doors for your home, considerations for locks and latches, and suggestions for maintaining your door hardware.


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