On-Trend Door Hardware Styles That are Here to Stay

We have been in the industry for many years and have seen designs/finishes come and go.

We noticed a demand for matt black, and satin Nickel started to arise and has grown substantially. With so many homes using black to either blend or contrast their cabinetry it really is proving to be a timeless finish.

The demand for satin/brushed brass has grown recently, but we see going down the same path, as it’s essentially a modern twist on the classic polished brass look.

With growth in both these finishes we’ve decided to focus on them and provide hardware that may otherwise be hard to find, as well as create a brand that brings true quality to the market.

The most important thing about trending and popular finishes is knowing which ones will stand the test of time and aren’t just a passing fad.

Once we’ve established which ones are here to stay, it is then our job to help bring that look to the market and create pieces that offer a premium look, feel and overall – quality.

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