Brass Cabinet Handles - Choosing Your Cabinet Handles

Simply put, Brass Cabinet Handles are small lever or round object attached to a door that is used to either close or opens the door. Brass door handles can be made using varied materials such as; porcelain, wood, bronze, plastic, chrome, and cut glass, but my all-time favorite is brass.

The thing is – these are the thing that makes such an impact when upgraded. Yet,  people often overlook these everyday utilitarian pieces of hardware.  Home is in the details.  this is one of my easy upgrades that can make a big on a home’s design

Door handles come in various shapes, styles, and finishes. But don’t get overwhelmed when the time comes to pick some for your own home. What matters the most is your personal taste. You can be creative here. It makes a difference and whichever material you choose, should elevate and complement the design aesthetic you are looking to achieve.

Brass Cabinet Handles

The Finish

Some of the most popular finishes are:

  • Satin finish
  • Matte black
  • Chrome polish
  • Nickel finishes
  • Copper Finish 
  • Gold Finish 
  • Brass Finish
  • Knurled Finish

There are numerous types of metal plating finishes available today – far too many to list. There are flat finishes such as mat with black being a current favorite. 

Recently two really popular finishes are Brushed Nickel and Graphite Nickel (also known as Gunmetal). Brushed Nickel is a softer tone than satin nickel and interfaces very nicely with stainless steel. Graphite Nickel is a gunmetal-like appearance and is an architectural favorite

Brass door handles

At the Gold Boutique, you know by now that we love brass door handles. . They are elegant and modern at the same time. You just have to do it right. One main feature of brass handles that we love is that they blend well into most aesthetics and wear with a beautiful patina. Your doors can be of any color, but a brass handle will look especially beautiful in black, and muted tones. This is what I did in my home.

Black and copper colour cabinet pulls


Beauty is not the only thing special about brass cabinet handles. They also have numerous other advantages that will make you fall in love with them. Some of these advantages include:

Brass door handles also have antibacterial properties. because they are predominantly made of copper, this will prevent bacteria from spreading, especially the ones you want to avoid like MRSA and E-coli. It. will also help prevent or contain spores, molds, and viruses, keeping your family healthy and far away from diseases. Unvarnished brass will also disinfect itself in about eight hours.

All these features make brass door handles one of the most loved door handles in the world.

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