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Twisted Style Door Handle | Brushed Nickel


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The Gold Boutiques twisted style handle blends contemporary lines with minimalist aesthetic to deliver a product to suit any home. Designed for versatility, the twisted style is as comfortable as a statement piece as it is a complement to the style of your home. And is a sleek and timeless choice.

We offer this style in 3 functions. Entrance, Passage and Privacy This is for the PASSAGE function. The other options are available for purchase in the selection below. 



Selecting the right door hardware for your home

Lever Door Handle Only [Passage]

Generally used internally for doors you don’t want to lock. These handles come with the latch. Typical applications are bedrooms, living area’s, laundry & walk in robe’s

Lever Door Handle [Entrance]

Generally used for external doors or high security situations. They require a key to unlock externally, and an option of a key or a snib internally. Typical applications are entrance doors, back doors, garage access, store rooms & sheds.

Lever Door Handle [Privacy/Toilet]

Used for internal doors that require locking. They have a snib or push button internally, and an emergency release function externally. Typical situations are bathrooms, powderrooms, master bedroom & office

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