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Marble Fireplace


A marble fireplace is more than beautiful, it’s also functional. Marble is durable and can withstand the heat from all types of fires. There are also many color choices marble fireplaces, making them adaptable to many types of decor and in various rooms in your home.

Our marble fireplaces are fabricated by expert stone artisans, who ensure care and patience is taken for an outstanding end result. The varying colors, patterns and styles that are available will ensure you get the fireplace of your dreams. 

We can design any style and size of fireplace with any marble combination you desire. Here are two of the recommended colors for a marble fireplace: 


Black is a classic color for a marble fireplace, but classic doesn’t mean boring. A choice like Sahara Noir will add texture and luxury to your fireplace, with gold and white veining highlighting the black facade. Black Fantasy is another option, with its silvery highlights of white and grey swirls adding an exotic touch. 


White is another popular choice for marble fireplaces, providing an elegant finish to your room. White comes in a variety of patterns to allow you to customize your look. A leader in chic luxury, Calacatta Viola’s image takes vivid to the next level: its thick flowing veins enchant the eyes, a statement choice for fireplace design.


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