Knurled Door handles

How to Pick the Best Cabinet Knobs, Door Knobs & Furniture Handles

We have come up with this post that will precisely assist you to find the best cabinet knobs  and handles and rest of the furniture pieces. Trying to select to select the cabinet knobs, pull handles and furniture handles that flawlessly fuse with the furniture pieces cab be a challenge when there is a vast array of styles and finishes that makes it extremely difficult to choose the matching handles and knobs that blend impeccably with kitchen cabinets.

Harmonising Colours

First, take a note of existing colours of your kitchen cabinets, as the colours of your cabinets is equally significant as the style when selecting the right hardware. Almost any finish will gel with painted or white cabinets; however, some shades of brown don’t quite work well with.

Stay with Your Existing Theme

Remember, just like your kitchen cabinets, all of your selected kitchen hardware speaks to your theme. Explore what type of the hardware will work well with the theme of your kitchen e.g. sleek, tubular pulls can balance the gentle look in smart and stylish kitchens. Conventional cabinets are inclined to have more features and gain from the simplistic, smooth knobs. We are seeing many leading designers using the knurled finish to a good effect on kitchens and bathrooms with stunning knurled cabinet handles and matching knurled cupboard complete the industrial knurled look.

Be Mindful of Your Kitchen Fixtures & Appliances

Consider the finish of your light fixtures, sinks, taps and kitchen appliances apart from the finish of knobs and pull handles. Ensure never to overdo mixing of metal finishes though it is in style right now in kitchen design. Remember, if colours don’t gel in the right way, it could mess up the uniformity of your kitchen and completely wipe out the aesthetic feel of your new kitchen cabinets.

Unified Finishes 

Right from brass to brushed nickel, there is no shortage in kitchen hardware range. It’s better to maintain the same colours and finishes for all of your kitchen hardware as far as possible.

Never Ever Compromise Quality

When you purchase hardware from The Gold Boutique, it will serve you for a long time. All of our hardware is manufacture from solid brass that are easy to grip, robust, stable and durable.

Determine What Type of Knobs or Pull Handles Needs to Be Used

Well, fitting a knob is common even on traditional and country kitchens. Moreover, knobs make a better option than pulls on many cabinets. So how to know when you should install knobs and when to fit pull handles. When kitchen cabinets are sophisticated or exquisitely detailed, it is better to opt for knob over pull handles. A knob is smaller and uncomplicated and keeps cabinet’s design untouched.

The benefits of brass door hardware

Choosing he hardware in your home is like choosing the perfect jewellery to go with your favorite outfit!

The benefits of brass door hardware, metals that contain brass have anti-bacterial properties due to the oligodynamic effect. Un-lacquered brass door handles effectively disinfect themselves in as little as 15 minutes.

Brass is a durable metal, resistant to corrosion, making it an excellent choice for door pulls

Brass gold knurled door handle

Door Pulls & Knobs

The finest architectural door hardware. Our commitment is to complement the fine art of architecture in everything we do. That is why The Gold Boutique's drawer pull range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality.